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Reading for Sure

Welcome to World Literacy International's online training site. The reading programme which you will learn to deliver to your own students is unique and requires the application of very specific concepts.

The course content will be presented in stages so that ideas and theories that may be new to you can be absorbed gradually. To assist you in seeing how the theory relates to the practical application, you will be able to access video clips which demonstrate particular points. For instance, if there is a particular task for you to carry out such as 'sound counting', and that is an unfamiliar phrase, an example of a video clip with an example of what that means in practice will be referenced.

Should you have a point which needs to be clarified, please feel free to contact us or place a question through the Forum.

While you wait for your password to enter the first unit, please read "Course Overview" for an outline of the course (no password required).

Available Courses

Welcome to World Literacy International

Reading English is very difficult for many people. “Reading for Sure” has a record of making English easier to read at all ages and ability levels. It works successfully with children and adults and with pupils whose first language is not English.

In assisting people to improve their English literacy skills, we provide a range of unique materials, devices and strategies which can speed up the reader’s word attack skills. The systematic instructional method is not only designed to make English easier. It also overcomes a specific reading disability which has caused reading delay or failure.

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